Our Staff

Alex Thompson
I think that it’s important for everyone to incorporate Fit. Green. Happy. into their lives. Personally, I apply this to my life by being outside and making sure I’m active. I like hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as some other local trails, and I also enjoy going camping often. I’ve recently taken up mountain biking as a form of exercise, and I go climbing 4 days a week almost every week.

Becca Roberson
Hi! I try to incorporate Fit. Green. Happy. In most aspects of my life by choosing to spend time outdoors and exercising while also focusing on sustainable living and healthy eating habits. This summer, I got into mountain biking, so that is one of the ways I get outdoor time and exercise. I also have ample free time this semester and with that, I have started to take interest in cooking healthier and more elaborate meals. My suite mates and I also recycle everything we can and try to cut down on waste through other sustainable means. 

Claire Willenbrink
I take walks every other evening and the opposite morning walk/jog in the woods. I try to sit outside every day for at least 20 minutes (I call it my sunshine time). I reuse/repurpose things, like T-shirts into blankets and use the backs of posters around campus (once the event has happened) as note paper, and try and use less stuff in general (it helps that I hate shopping).

Catelee Crow
I’m Catelee, but everyone calls me Crow! In order to stay Fit, Green, and Happy, I try to spend as much time as I can outside in the woods. Hiking makes me happier and keeps me in shape. I believe in being as green and sustainable as possible, so I do my best to reduce waste and primarily use biodegradable or recyclable products. I also have reduced my intake of red meat to be greener and help the environment! 

Cooper Harrison
I’m Cooper, and I like to be active and outside. Along with a few other of our Mountain Challenge staff, I run cross country for Maryville College. Running is great for your health, but it is equally good for your mind. I like to go out and hike in the college woods on occasion. Also, I have recently started fly fishing, and I also enjoy going out and being out on the water.

Emily Cooper
In addition to running cross country, I have been trying to incorporate other activities into my routine that contribute to my fitness, whether that be walking in the woods, climbing the tower, or just moving my body. I have been spending time in nature a lot lately, whether it be studying outside or running in the woods. I also became a vegetarian about three years ago and have been working on minimizing my environmental impact when it comes to food. Another way that I try to be green is to simply consume less. This means not buying clothes from fast fashion companies and being sustainable in my buying choices. Whenever I am intentional about being fit and green, my happiness noticeably increases. My mood is overall better and I feel less stressed.

Hannah Mattison
Hey guys, I run cross country for Maryville College, and I also like to run in my free time. The physical exertion is good for your body, and being outside is good for your mind. I also hike a lot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as well as the Adirondack Mountains in New York. I also love getting out on the water and kayaking.

Jared Johnson
Hey, I’m Jared. I try to eat as healthily as I can, and while I’m studying, I will step outside and walk around every half hour to hour in order clear my mind. It’s nice to enjoy the remarkably good weather we’ve been having. I also go out on weekends to work at my uncle’s farm maintaining the property by removing invasive species of plants or just mowing the lawn, and during the week there is Camp4 to attend.

Kacie Mitchell
I like to go for morning runs outside 3 times a week for about half an hour to an hour. I also exercise on the days that I don’t run. I sometimes read in an Eno outside and take naps in the sunshine. I feel like being outside is great for your mental health. I recycle of course and do what I can to be green.

Lea Mulligan
Hi, I’m Lea! Fit. Green. Happy. is very relevant to my everyday life. I run cross country for Maryville College, and run quite a lot on my own, especially on trails like the ones you can find in our college woods. Being out in nature has been shown to be good for your mind, so I like to go backpacking and climbing, and I’ve recently started cycling. I think it’s important for people to be active!

Maleah Wooten
I believe fitness is important, so I try my best to incorporate it into my lifestyle. In my daily routine, I take about three 30 minute walks with my roommate and her dog. We are able to find turtles and snakes in the woods and get out even though we spend so much time inside for school. I try to eat my meals at the picnic tables around campus and be conscious of keeping my body nutritionally healthy as my daily activity level has decreased.

Natalie Smith
I park in one spot on campus and walk everywhere I go. Not only is this good exercise, but it also cuts down on pollutants released by cars. When I have some free time, I’ll walk around outside or go on hikes. I’ll play outside with my dogs a lot to get the exercise they need and to get myself out of the house. I recycle everything that I can at my house: cans, paper, glass.
Whatever I can do to help!

Parker Owens
Like a lot of our Mountain Challenge Staff, I like to run, and I compete on Maryville College’s cross-country team. I also enjoy biking because, not only because it is good for your health, when you use a bike as transportation, it’s great to cut down on gasses released by cars. I also like to take breaks every so often while studying in order to let my brain relax, and I also like to study outside.

Samantha Stacy
Hi, I’m Samantha! Usually I go for a walk almost everyday, or I bike around campus and Maryville. I also like to study outside or near Crawford, and with my internship, I’ve been able to work on the gardens outside of Crawford. I also try to recycle what I can and also reduce plastic by using a water filter or water bottle and making my own drinks instead of packaged items. Additionally, I try to take shorter showers to reduce water use and only turn on the lights in my room when I need to. 

Will Stallions
I think it’s great for everyone to experience the benefits of a Fit. Green. Happy. lifestyle. I like to get out occasionally and jog or explore some of our college woods. Also, I take purposeful breaks while studying to go outside and enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. I also like to get out in nature by camping, paddling, and fishing.