Statement 1:

In times of COVID – 19.

We’ve said from the beginning that Fit.Green.Happy. ® is a companion to the human condition. It’s not the answer, but it sure can help in times such as these.

We’ve been forced to slow down whether we like it or not. We know all the things we can’t do, but here are some of the simple things we can do:

Move your body. Remember, No Gym Required.

Sit outside. 30 minutes a day.

Go analog. Eat good food. With good people. Take naps. Read books.

It all matters.

Statement 2:

What does f itness look like right now ?

5 K ’s have been cancelled. Gyms are closed. Climbing walls may start to collect dust.

Remember – No Gym Required.

At – home workouts are more readily available. There are sidewalks (or outdoor trails if you’re lucky). Both are good… if that is what your body wants. If it’s not, that’s ok.

Our routines are not usual & we are all still adjusting. Using cans of corn as dumbbells may not sound appealing. And that’s ok.

Yet, we cannot deny that movement boosts mood and increases focus. So amidst an inconvenient work – life, inconvenience may be just the ticket. Be inconvenient when making a trip to the store (park further for example). Be inconvenient at home by walking the trash to the dumpster instead of the can 2 feet away. Take the dog on the leash and out in the neighborhood instead of opening the back door. Do 20 minutes of standing at the computer instead of sitting. Stand in the rain.

Whatever you do, we’re with you.

And, it all matters.

Statement 3:

Zoom meetings, Facebook challenges, tons of emails; all well intentioned. And all aimed at keeping human connections. And yet we know that screens are no substitute for actual, analog interactions.

All around us people yearn for face time with friends and family. Never again will we take for granted coffee meeting s or dinner at mom’s house.

We know too that we’ll get beyond this. We will hug again. And just like we went from gathering in groups of 100, to 25 and then to 5 or less, we can work backwards. When the time comes, we’ll gather as small cluster of 3 friends in the woods, then 10 on the lake , then 30 in the backyard of Crawford House.

When the time comes, we’ll be ready.

Until we are together again,

This all matters.