Leadership Team

Bruce Guillaume (he/him)

I am the Mountain Challenge/ Fit.Green.Happy. Founder. I am experienced in direct service to a variety of clients, corporate education and outdoor, experiential group work. I have conducted hundreds of seminars and programs for a variety of companies. I have even led thousands of people in outdoor pursuits including numerous bicycling trips including trips across TN, GA, NC, and AL, mountaineering trips to the Pacific Northwest and South America, and several human powered trips across Costa Rica. Now I am considered the old man in the rocking chair.

Jackie Eul (she/her)

I am the Program Director of Fit.Green.Happy. To me, Fit.Green.Happy is a whole lifestyle that can benefit you, mentally and physically. It doesn’t have to be done all at once, and it’s almost impossible sometimes because life happens and it’s super hard to be on top of your fitness routine and to make sure you’re getting outside as much as possible. Being able to adapt and still be able to think how important those things are and still being able to change them to work for yourself is really the key. Personally, for my new year resolution I have started meditating in the morning, and it has been so fantastic. With that comes gratitude work which works into the happiness aspect. I work out 6 times a week, four of those are strength training and two to three are moderate to high cardio. I try to get outside for a 20-minute walk every day, and I also have a meeting once a day outside. I also like to go outside and play with my dog. I have deleted all fast fashion apps as of recently because of Maleah (another staff member). I started to slowly integrate things because some environmental stuff is more expensive and harder to do, like reusable cotton pads. Current one is staying off Amazon.

Tyson Murphy

Fit.Green.Happy. for me is a way of life. It means take care of yourself and take care of the natural world around you.  And I believe that we are always better off having spent time in God’s creation, whether it’s a long-drawn-out trip or simply stealing a few minutes on the front porch.